hot.. REAL Sex Stories!

One time, I was with one of my friends.. and then all of a sudden he started kissing me, and then I went down on him and omggg, his face was priceless😉 & then he started to finger me, it felt sooo goood. & then he bent me over and started to finger fuck me, and then he put on his condom and started to fuck the shit out of me.. Then he put me up against the wall and did the same, and then he laid me down and put my legs on his shoulders mmmm.. prolly the best sex I’ve had😉


so it was the fourth of July, and I went to a concert with my friend, and my mom took us cause she loved the band but we left our seats and went up in the grassy area and just chilled and smoked, and behind us I heard a whistle, and this gorgeous guy asked for a cig, I thought he was just gonna be like “thanks” and leave but he sat down and introduced himself to us and we found out he was a senior in college (6 year difference from me) he stayed with us for a good amount of time and we were just talking, my friend just watched the concert but I went with the guy for a smoke, we were sitting down close together our knees touching, and as he was about to light my cig for me he put the lighter out and took the cig out of my mouth and kissed me. I was stunned, he was amazing his mouth was so warm he bit my lip and sucked on it, we were making out for almost the whole song and we layed down and got more comfortable with each other, our legs intertwined he had his hand on my thigh and he slowly moved his hand through my shorts, and being out in the open I was just about to say something and as he was kissing my neck he whispered, “shhh, just let this happen” it was exhilarating he was fingering me right in the open it was sexy how dangerous it was. we wanted to get closer so we left to go get drinks a bit before intermission. he held my hand and we walked to the food stands where he bought us sodas, we stood by a table with no chairs and he just held me and kissed me. We were standing on the stairs on the way back to the concert watching the fire works waiting for a chance to sneak away somewhere private, he was rubbing me in all the right places not even in a dirty way, I was on the step above him and he kissed my neck and ears and whispered in my ears how great tonight was and how nice the fire works were, I turned and kissed him while he was still holding me and he sucked on my lip it drove me crazy, we snuck away past the bouncers to a patch of grass against the building wall I slipped running on the grass and he picked me up in his arms and ran with me to find a spot. We were just kissing and laying up against the wall and watching the fire works, he pulled me closer and I got more brave, he was fingering me and it felt so good I was moaning I came so many times, I felt like I should return the favor, I undid his pants and pulled out his dick it was already really hard I was stroking it slowly at the same pace we were kissing and I just went for it and put it all in my mouth the moan he made made me even more wet. I took it out slowly and licked every bit of the head and twisted my mouth getting every inch of it and getting every bit of his shaft it was rock hard I deep throated and took it like a champ his moans made me so happy I was enjoying it so much the force his hands through my hair and his deep voice when he would just say “Ohgod that’s amazing” I wouldn’t stop and he said he was going to come, I made a bit of suction with my mouth and took the whole thing with force swallowing his whole load and licking up every last bit of it. His moans of satisfaction drove me crazy. I helped him button up and he kept fingering me feeling how wet his pleasure had made me, we were slightly visible out in public what we did was so dangerous it was great. We kissed and he held me up against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist, holding my ass in one hand and using the other to finger me and dry hump he played with my hair and lightly kissed all of me, and whispered in my ear how much he loved it. He carried me back to the concert and we just calmly walked by the bouncer, we held hands and watched the fire work finale whilst still listening to the band he sang a long quietly in my ear and we cuddled on the grass the rest of the night, easy to say best fourth of July ever.


My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years and I have sooo many stories to tell! Haha but I’m just going to share my favorite one:)

I was over at his house one night when no one else was there; we were hanging out in his room when we had started playfully wrestling. It was so sexy to have his body on mine trying to hold me down & what not, anyways.. I had gotten on top of him and had both of his hands underneath of mine and leaned down for a kiss when his hand slipped out from under mine, he ran it down my back and tapped my butt a little and said tap out. He stuck his fingers right under the top of my jeans and slid them around to the front where he had started unbuttoning my jeans. I was kissing him more frantically, while he began to bite on my lip. He slipped off my shirt and pulled my jeans off, he flipped me over and started kissing all the way from my lips to my neck to my chest to my tummy, paying extra attention to sucking on my boobs. He kissed and licked right above my panties (which drove me absolutely insane), he started rubbing my thighs and kissing them as well. He then slipped off my panties and ate me out, which in all honesty was one of theee best orgasms I’ve ever had. When he was done, I pulled him back up and started to make out with him more while I pulled off his shirt and slid my hand down his body, to his jeans where I started unbuttoning them while he was rubbing me. I slipped my hand down his boxers and gave him a small hand job until I made my way down to give him a bj. I started off by licking the bottom of his dick and softly tugging on his balls (which I definitely recommend ladies or for men with partners, ha) it drove him crazyyy! Eventually, I got him so hard, he was pretty much begging me to just take over. So I got on him and started to ride him.😉


okay so my girlfriend sexted me a picture of her in a pushup bra (yes we’re of legal age and all) and sent a text saying “tis is waiting for you if you come over.” so of course I drive over as fast as I could and as soon as I knocked on the door she opens it and pins me to the wall making out with me, humping me and squeezing/pinching my ass. She was in the pushup bra and panties by the way. She wrapped my legs around her waist, put her hands under my ass, and lifted me up and carried me to her bed. She set me down on my back and straddles me, grinding against me, we made out like that for a long time before she gasps a little. I look down at my crotch and see that it’s slightly a shade darker than the rest of mt jeans- obviously because I was so wet. Mortified, I scrambled out from under her already apologizing, but she yanked me back down and pulled off my pants. She started stroking my pussy and reached under my shirt to take off my bra. Once I’m dripping through my panties, she unbuttoned my shirt enough to push aside a half and suck on my nipple, which is already hard as a nail. I moan and wrap my legs around her waist, she started making sucking noises with her mouth while she did it which turned me on so much I squirted right through my panties into her hand. She made a purring noise and ripped off my shirt, humping me me so hard I started breathing like a marathon runner. I took off her bra and started licking her breasts, biting gently at the tops, sucking on the hard nipples, and practically leaving hickeys on her there. She pulled my underwear off with her teeth, then licked my wetness off from my inner thighs and thrust her tongue into me, sucking on my pussy, sucking my wetness into her mouth and swallowing it right down her throat. I came about three times, she caught each load and suctioned it down like a pro. When she was done, she got in doggy position and I, eager to return the favor, slid under her and fucked her harder than before, she moaned and groaned and grunted and squirted and orgasmed and came so many times. When that was done, we lay next to each other naked and stroked each other’s pussys and breasts till we were dripping and rock hard. :3


i was with my exboyfriend (were working on getting back together) and it was the first time we had seen eachother in 6 months, although we had been talking for awhile, and i just couldn’t help myself. he came over to my house, and we were cuddling on my bed, and we started kissing.
he started teasing my vagina, inside and outside my pants, until i just took charge. i grabbed him by his dick and started playing with it, until he ripped off my pants and started eating me out and fingering me at the same time. i felt a sensation in my body that was indescribable. i pulled off his pants and gave him head, going as slow and deep as i could until i heard him start to groan. we got eachother naked with our teeth, so slowly, and then the magic happened. i always hated when we used to sweat hardcore during sex, but i’ve never felt such a connection to him. he had no problem putting my sexual enjoyment before his, and that’s what i loved about it. it was so passionate and romantic, and i had the best orgasm i’ve ever had.


One day last summer, I went over to my boyfriend’s. We usually took a shower, had sex, then watched tv. That day, when I got there, he met me at the door, pinned me against the wall, & started undressing me. As soon as I was unclothed, he grabbed me by the hand & led me to the garage. When we entered, the first thing I saw was the rope hanging from the ceiling. As soon as I turned to ask him what was going on, he pushed me against the wall, pinned my arms above me, & cuffed me. From there, he led me over to the rope & tied it to the handcuffs, then raised it until I couldn’t move much. He started toying with my body, but as soon as I moaned in pleasure, he stuffed a gag into my mouth. He then slid my panties back on, put the vibrator on low, positioned it on my clit, & left the garage. He left me there for fifteen minutes, completely naked, not able to cum because of how low the vibrations were, but dripping wet. When he came back out, he was completely naked & already hard. He removed my panties, continued to hold the vibrator on my clit, & rammed me from behind. He came shortly after I did. Best sex ever.

God I have so many, but my favorite had to be just a month or two ago when I was spending the day with my boyfriend over at his house. It was just a casual day, we were in his basement watching a movie on his bed-like couch. He had his hand on my upper thigh as I was cradled on top of him. Suddenly he began to bite and kiss my neck which he knows I love. I almost fell off him I was so turned on. I let out a few soft whimpers as I pressed my hands against his chest. Then he whispered to me, “Let me drive that pussy insane baby.” And just before I could say anything he yanked of my pants and began eating me like never before. The way he bit and flicked his tongue on my clit made me so wet and he knew it. I was moaning so loud, and he looked up and said he loved when i moaned and wanted me to beg for more. And like the little slave I am to him, I begged and begged until he let out a chuckle and proceeded so suddenly, that I gasped and nearly jumped. After a few more minutes he finally sat up and pulled down his pants and hovered over me. He teased me so badly by only going in with his tip, and then I finally whispered to him “i want you in my tight pussy.” He smiled but still didn’t budge. Then I wrapped my legs around him and demanded he fuck me. And like a damn tiger he thrusted himself into me so fast that I let out a moan. He leaned over and held up my hands with one of his own and proceeded to fondle my clit with the other. It drove me crazy, I came so many times and had my second orgasm in my entire life. I moaned his name which only persuaded him to go harder and faster. Then I stopped him, pushed him down and began to ride him, which i know is his favorite. He moaned and grabbed my boobs and my ass until I finally felt him slowing down and cumming inside me. I leaned down to kiss him and as I did so he bit my lip again. We layed there for another half hour just taking in each others breathing. Best sex ever.


My ex boyfriend and I were meeting up to smoke at our usual spot behind a middle school in town. He picked me up and we were bullshitting about just random things going on in our lives. I wouldn’t look him in the eyes because I knew I would go insane if I did, he’s absolutely gorgeous. So after a while we got onto the subject of us and how we used to do all these crazy things when we were dating. He mentioned how he used to walk over to see me even in a blizzard. “But I always warmed you up after” was all that I had to say. He responded with a playful “fuck you” and I started to laugh. I wouldn’t tell him what I was thinking so he came really close and pressed himself into me, and resting his hand on my hip. “I told you to never sensor your words around me.” I laughed again and said that I shouldn’t say because his girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy. “So what, girlfriend.. whatever.” I bit my lip and giggled out my answer, “gladly.” We started making out and it became so hot and heavy. He touched me all over. Tracing his hands from my back to pulling my hair to gliding his fingers near the top of my pants. I moaned in pleasure. Nibbling on his ear all of the hairs on his arms rose and he started becoming more passionate. He picked me up and took off my pants then placed me on the hood of his car. He laid me down, flicked his tongue across my nipples then went down on me. He sucked and flicked his tongue then slowly licked me in and out. I moaned for more, pulled his head up and kissed him passionately. He kissed me harder and I jumped off the hood of the car spun him around and went down on him. I sucked him until he was so hard that my jaw began to hurt. I trailed up his body with a ton of kisses and finally came back to his mouth. You could just see the hunger in his eyes. He picked me up and told me to wrap my legs around him. He fucked me in the air. It felt so amazing to have his huge dick going in and out of me. Then he laid me on the hood of the car with my legs resting on his shoulders and fucked me so hard I came 3 times. The last time we came in unison and he lay his head down on my chest. He sucked lightly on my nipple and then came up to kiss me. “You’re all sweaty” I said and smiled at him devishly. He looked me back in the eye and trailed his tongue down my body. “Yeah, and you’re all wet.” And he continued to pleasure me as a came 2 more times.


My friend had come over to fix my computer one day while my parents. Only thing is, my parents weren’t home. After he was done fixing it, he just looked at me for a bit. His hazel eyes drove me crazy and I wanted him to kiss me so badly. Well, he did. His lips were amazing. As he kissed me, he picked me up off of my chair and carried me onto my bed. He kissed my lips and neck at first with a few small bites which drove me crazy. After a few minutes of kissing, I pulled off his shirt and shortly after he pulled off mine. We kept kissing while he played with my breasts. I went on top of him for a bit and having my breasts on top of him drove him crazy cause I felt his dick get hard under me. I kept kissing him and grinding on him which led him to take my pants off. He kept kissing me, from my lips down to my stomach. When he got to my pantie line, he played with my clit for a while. Finally he took his pants off and whispered in my ear to lay back and he took off my bra and then my underwear with his teeth. He boxers fell right after and he slipped on his condom. I was scared at first cause he had a big dick but he was careful with it. We did so many different positions and he gave me the best head that I have ever gotten. At one point, we even did a 69. I rode him which drove him crazy and kept hitting my ass which drove me insane. What made it nice and kinky was the fact that my dresser doors at the times were mirrors so we were able to watch each other and he loved seeing me ride him. While I was still on top, I went a bit faster on him when he flipped me over onto my back and gave me a good pounding as we both climaxed. We both scratched up each other and left each other hickeys but luckily, they were in places where no one could really see. I was so exhausted afterwards but it was seriously the best sex I’ve ever had.


I was hanging out with my boyfriend a couple of days ago and we went watching tv. I started playing with his cat on his bed and out of nowhere he began kissing me. We started making out on his bed and he pulled down my top and started biting and sucking on my nipples. He knows I love it when he leaves me hickies so he bit and sucked and left me a couple on each breast. I was completely turned on! He then pulled my shirt back up and got off of me. I was dumbfound until I noticed he got up to lock his bedroom door, “Just to be safe” he said to me and winked at me. He walked back to me and got on top of me again. We resumed making out on his bed and it wasn’t long until he was kissing my stomach and making his way down. In one quick move, he pulled down my leggings and panties and started to eat me out. It was amazing, I could feel his tongue on my clit and he just made me wetter and wetter with each lick, bite, and suck. Just as I was reaching my climax, he stopped. He looked up to me and I just gave him my, “Why the hell did you stop face?” He laughed at my expression and walked to his drawer. He pulled out a condom and I caught on & laughed. As I laid on his bed naked, I got a bit impatient as he put on the condom, so I got up sat him down on his bed with the condom barely on his tip and I rolled the rest down for him, with my mouth. Naturally, I started to give him oral sex, I ran my mouth (and hand) up and down his shaft. I love his sex face, so every now and then I looked up to see his expression. I love knowing I can pleasure him, just as much as he pleasures me. I was beginning to get wet again so I told him to move my tail as fast as he wants while I play with myself. He did, he moved my head fast, he moved it slow, I loved that he controls me during sex so I just got wetter with each movement. Finally, he and I could no longer put it off. He picked me up and threw me on his bed, got right on top of me, held me arms over my head and entered me. It had been a while since our last session, so as soon as he was inside me, I let out a loud moan. He smiled at me, and it drove me crazy! As he was inside me he began to kiss me, and bite me, I couldn’t help myself I just kept moaning. He began to rub my clit, and I could feel his penis throbbing inside of me. We both knew we were about to cum. He started going in and out faster and faster, he rubbed my clit harder and harder, I could feel his penis deep inside me but I still pushed him farther and farther inside. He was practically plowing into me at this point and I could feel my body starting to quake as he held on to my tits. I was moaning so loud that he had to kiss me to cover it up… My body was heating up, I knew I couldn’t hold in anymore, I was going to relax and let it happen. He was smirking down at me and I loved it…. And just as I was about to finish…. His cat pounced on my right arm! I had completely forgotten about the cat. Needless to say the moment was ruined and we burst out laughing instead! We got dressed and he unlocked his door. We went back to acting innocent and just continued to laugh at our moment. Neither of us were mad at what happened, we still had our fun, and no one got hurt. I know it wasn’t what most expected but to me this was one of the best sex moments my boyfriend and I have had. Just because it ended abruptly doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, but the fact that we can laugh at ourselves is pretty damn great to both of us. (:


me and my boyfriend have been separated for awhile due to the fact that its long distance, so for my 18th birthday he flew out and gave me one hell of a birthday gift😉
we were cuddling watching the hungover when we started to makeout. hes the best kisser ive ever dated. so we were making out and he slowly started licking up and down my neck, then proceeded to give me a hickey. feeling his breathe on my skin gave me chills. he whispered in my ear that he could make me cry and scream his name, which i challenged him to he removed my shirt and bit my nipple through my bra while unbuckling it. after he got it off he sucked hard and bit lightly while i ran my hands through his long black hair trying to restrain my moans. when he stopped, since i knew where this was going i got up to get a condom and when i got back he picked me up and held me up by my ass. i started rubbing my pelvis against his which instantly made him harder. he dropped me on the bed and started taking my pants off with his teeth. he gave me a hickey on each side of my inner thigh, then started kissing me again rubbing me through my panties. when i was soaking wet he finally took off my underwear and started eating me out. i couldn’t stop myself from moaning and gasping as he sucked all my juices while playing and nibbling on my clit. he started to i came in his mouth which he swallowed then kissed me passing the juices into my mouth. i told him i was ready and he put the condom on and started fucking me. first slowly and gently, then in a matter of 5 minutes he was screwing me harder then ever and i had to scream into my pillow so my parents wouldn’t wake up. we locked into a passionate kiss while we both came together.
i could barely walk the next day and i had bruises from being fucked so hard.
❤ .


One night I went over to my boyfriend’s house to watch a movie, we were snuggling and watching “Get him to the Greek” and I got up to go make pop corn, he followed me into the kitchen and I was looking around the cabinets for popcorn, and I found marichino cherries. I turned to him all sexy, and I said “You know, I can tie one of these in a knot in my mouth.” He then challenged me to see who could do it faster. He said “How bout, winner gets a kiss” We both tried it and he spit his out, held me by the hips and said “I give up.” I slid my stem out on my lips all knotted up. He got close up to my face and took the stem out of my mouth with his and then passionately kissed me. Then my legs started getting shaky and I pulled back and suggested we get out the popcorn. I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and I told him to wait for it. But he hoisted me up on the counter by my hips and I wrapped my legs around him. He said “I can’t wait that long” I kissed his neck while he pulled impatiently at my shorts. I guided his hands away and we kissed slowly as I teased him by toying with his belt. Breathing heavily we both broke away and just looked at eachother cause the pop corn was done. We ignored it, and the went back to kissing each other while I slowly undid his belt, ever so slowly and occasionally stopping and pulling him closer, shortening my breath and playing with his hair while he kissed me lower and lower down my neck. I went back to his jeans and immediately ripped the belt out of the way and unbuttoned his jeans feeling his hard on against the inside of my thigh. His mouth was back nibbling on my ear while he tugged at my shorts, he began to feel my hips and softly touched my legs feeling all the way up, he teased me and touched me making me ever so desperate to feel him inside me. His breath was hot on my neck and his kiss was soft and caring but then rough and wanting. I slid my shorts down and held onto the counter as he bent over and slowly licked my soaking wet pussy, he teased and tickled me until I couldn’t help it anymore, his tongue moving all around me. I reached for his pants but he held my hands back against the wall forcefully and played with me some more, tourtouring me I wanted him so badly . He told me to wait. I couldn’t, but I also couldn’t move. His breath was soft on my neck and in my ear while he held both my arms above my head with his one hand. His other was moving all around me slowly unbuttoning my flannel shirt one button at a time he then slid his hand back through my soaked panties I broke away and reached for his pants again this time he let me, I pulled out his hard dick. He barely gave me time to play with it before he slid inside me and pressed me up against the counter again. My toes curled and I wrapped my arms around him gasping. Every thrust was giving me exploding pleasure our tongues intertwined I came so many times he sucked my neck and felt how pleased I was He told me he was about to come and I fell into him as he came inside me. He picked me up from the counter, forgetting our popcorn he carried me into his room, we found out the movie was over.

3 thoughts on “hot.. REAL Sex Stories!

  1. ashlyn says:

    great stories sounds like you guys had fun

  2. Ajay says:

    I loved the stranger, senior sex story the most. Would love to listen to some more this kind of adventurous sex stories.

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