My brother and his wife

It’s great when you have a brother who’s always willing to share his wife with you, especially during the times when you feel down…

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I was walking along the street, it was raining cats and dogs, I got soaked to the skin. I failed the test, so I would lose my scholarship. I heard somebody call me from the car. It was Rosie, wife of my elder brother Kenny. They married a year ago. Kenny was 30, and Rosie was 25. I was 18 that time.

When I got in her car, Rose asked me why I was so sad. I said it was because of the exam at the university. She laughed cheerfully and said I didn’t have to worry about it, it wasn’t worth it. She offered me to join them on the picnic next day. She said I just needed some good rest and their cottage was the right place to make me forget about my trivial problems. I thought she was probably right, and I really needed something to distract me from my university problems.

Rosie said they would come over in the morning. It didn’t take us much time to get to the place. I wished it did. I was sitting by Rosie’s side, she was driving the car. She was wearing such a short skirt! Her long, beautiful legs were so attractive for me. Her tanned skin seemed to be so soft. My brother Kenny always said she didn’t have to hide her beautiful body. I don’t know. If I were in his place I wouldn’t have let my wife show off her boobs, legs, and the rest. But it was their business, so anyway.

When we got to the place, they drank some wine first. It was a hot day, so they were sort of tipsy. Kenny was slapping Rosie against her buttocks all the time, first he thought I didn’t see it, but then he wasn’t even trying to hide his slapping, as he saw his wife loved it. When we were busy with barbeque the sun was shining so bright that we just had to pull off out clothes. Rosie was wearing a bikini and we both were wearing shorts. When Rosie turned her back at me, and I saw what I saw, I was about to lose consciousness. Her bottoms were almost invisible on her big round butt. It was my luck I was sitting that moment cuz I had a strong boner. Unfortunately Kenny asked me to bring more wine for them. I had to get up. The erection wasn’t that strong anymore, but anyway it was obvious. Kenny looked at me and grinned, caressing his wife’s ass, sort of teading me.

Then I got used to Rosie’s sexy outfit, and didn’t pay much attention to it, safe for the moments when she bent down to get something. The barbeque was great, the meat was very delicious; we were sitting in the shadow, enjoying the meal. When Kenny went to the house he sprained his ankle. I don’t know how come he did it, but the ankle hurt and got swollen. We had to take him inside the house.

It got worse by the evening. Rosie told him not to move. She was a doctor, so she knew what she was talking about. We all were gonna get in a hot tub in the evening, so Kenny told us to go there alone. I was very surprised to hear his words. Rosie laughed and said it was gonna be fun. When she went out of the room, Kenny told me not to be shy and enjoy my bath with his babe. I was his brother, anyway! So it seemed to be ok. Kenny told me they often took hot tubs with their friends. When we were getting in the tub, Kenny was sleeping. But before doing it I had a perfect chance to see all of Rosie’s gorgeous body. She was dressing off, but she wasn’t fast doing it, she was sort of teasing me, giving me a chance to enjoy the process. I was standing still, not daring to look at her. Rosie was cheering me up, saying I shouldn’t be shy. When Rosie took off her t-shirt I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I could admire her incredibly beautiful boobs, they were so tasty and firm. She was feeling them up lustfully and then she took off her panties. Her bush was of light blond-brown color.

Well I took off my clothes too. When she saw my boner she said it was just like Kenny’s. She touched it then. Her touch made me tremble all over my body. She took my hand and put it on her tit, she put my other hand on her butt. I started feeling up her body. It felt great.

Rosie was moaning silently. She got on her knees and took my buttocks in her hands. She was sucking on my dickhead. When I felt like cumming, she squeezed the stem and didn’t let the sperm erupt, but the sensation was just fantastic! She asked me to fondle her with a sponge (where did she get it?). My hands were shaking, especially when I was rubbing her butt. I was squatting on my knees. All of a sudden she bent down, and I saw her anus. She took my hand and stuck my index finger in the asshole. It got in smoothly, then I got the second finger inside her rectum. Rosie moaned asking me to fuck her with my dick. Well, the dick didn’t get in as smoothly as my fingers, but anyway soon it was all in her hole. Rosie squatted down a bit to feel more of it. I came right in her anus in several frictions. My ejaculation made her moan louder. When I got my cock out of her butt, she turned to me and washed it.

Then she told me to sit on the bench that was standing by the tub. She was sitting between my legs, sucking. She was a spunky sucker. But I kept on thinking she was my bro’s wife, but, on the other hand, it was he who told me to join her… when it was time to cum, she squeezed the cock again for the semen not to erupt. She lay on the bench and directed the shaft in her pussy. It was hot and wet inside her snatch. I couldn’t cum for long that time.

Rosie had several orgasms, they were getting stronger every time. I came on her tits then. She started kissing me. Her kisses were long and passionate. She told me to lie on the bench and started licking my balls, sucking them. It made my flaccid dick get hard in no time. But I felt I wouldn’t be able to cum. Rosie asked me to caress her everywhere to feel strong man’s hands on her body. Her skin was soft and smooth. My caress made her buck, and finally she came. She had to force herself in order not to cry out loud. I climaxed too. It was the third time.

Then we dressed up and went in the house. Kenny was sleeping. In the morning my brother congratulated me on a great night. His words made me blush. But he told me it was OK, that Rosie liked it too. He didn’t let me do it often, unfortunately.

Husband’s Version Of How We Met

Let me first introduce myself, I am Liam. My wife’s name is Victoria. We have known each other for years, but just recently got married. Vicki was married before to a guy that had no interest in her or sex. I shake my head every time I think about what he missed. Vicki and I knew each other years before we even became lovers. Vicki is eight years younger than me. I have been with many women, younger and older but Vicki is different.

The turning point in our relationship was the day I ran into an old friend. While we were talking Vicki’s name came up. He told me that since getting married, she was not happy. He told me to go talk to her and that she would suck my cock. So, since I never could turn down a blowjob, I went to her office and sat to talk with her. We talked about years ago and people we knew, laughing and joking. I was too much of a pussy to ask her for a blowjob that day. After I left, I text her and we began texting everyday. Soon the texts became sexual in nature and we had agreed to meet. Vicki met me at my place with the intent to have sex.

Vicki is not the first married woman I have been with, but she really was tired of not getting any from her husband. I guess I should describe Vicki, she is 5’2″ with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She has the biggest tits I have ever seen and felt, 40J. I have been with woman with no tits and big tits, but these things are huge. I always laughed at guys that said that tits could not be big enough. Hers are too big. I know what some of the guys are saying reading this, they think I am crazy. I joke with her about getting a reduction to DD. Continue reading

My Brother’s Wife

Let’s talk about life. We spend all our early years being taken care of. Then, we hit our pre-teens and decide we should have more freedom than our younger siblings. We argue more with our parents about giving us a little space. We reach our teen years and now we think we know it all. Isn’t it odd how we thought we knew it all but everyday something we didn’t know happens?


“More freedom, Mom!” we say. “I want my own bedroom, even if it’s in the basement. I need my privacy, and of course my own phone.”

My parents let me make a bedroom in the basement and even put in an extension phone for me. I remember them saying, “You can have your own phone line when you get a job and pay for it yourself.”

Now I wanted a car. My friends had their own car and I had to drive my parents’ old clunker. I had a brother two years older than me and he got to drive the newer car or at times share my clunker. It was almost embarrassing. My parents always said the same thing. “When you grow up and get a job, you can buy your own car. Until then, either drive the old Ford or nothing at all.”

I couldn’t wait to get out on my own. Freedom, no curfews, I could have all my friends over. Party time, all night long, yes, that would be the life. Only a couple of years away, and I would be on my own, living the good life. No more being told what to do.

Eventually that time came. My big brother was off at college on a football scholarship. I played football too, but wasn’t good enough for a scholarship. I didn’t want to go to college anyway. I liked working with my hands and besides, I wanted out on my own. For that, I needed employment. In high school I took auto mechanics so I could become a grease monkey. I was the top in my class at fixing cars. Continue reading

My Boyfriend Wont Fuck Me.

Im a regular 16 year old. With an amazing boyfriend of 6 months, but with one problem. He wont have sex with me. Hes afraid of pregnancy and comes from a really Christan family. We’ve only had sex once, it was amazing but I’m a pretty horny high school girl. Before i met him, i did a little of whoren around that i do regret. In other words though. I used to have sex all the time. It was easy, Continue reading

teacher fucked student’s mom

I like the incest, maid servant, office teacher categories. I’m from a middle class family in a village. I’m so much attracted to sex from my childhood itself. I’m not so well built but I’m good looking. I’m going to narrate a true story happened some 4 years back. It happened when I was studying for my first year B tech.

My neighbour asked me to give tuitions for her daughter for physics n chemistry for the +2 class. Her daughter was one of the girls I have been thinking of to jerk off even at the small age she has got a nice pair of boobs and a nice ass. It was making me hard on every time I was seeing her. So instantly I agreed and on next day I went their home to give tuition for some 2-3 weeks. I controlled myself. One day when I reached their home Anjana (my student) was just coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her boobs.

She was a little short ant the towel was a little big that the towel was reaching up to her thighs. My cock got hard on seeing this and I wanted to jerk off then it Continue reading

hot.. REAL Sex Stories!

One time, I was with one of my friends.. and then all of a sudden he started kissing me, and then I went down on him and omggg, his face was priceless😉 & then he started to finger me, it felt sooo goood. & then he bent me over and started to finger fuck me, and then he put on his condom and started to fuck the shit out of me.. Then he put me up against the wall and did the same, and then he laid me down and put my legs on his shoulders mmmm.. prolly the best sex I’ve had😉


so it was the fourth of July, and I went to a concert with my friend, and my mom took us cause she loved the band but we left our seats and went up in the grassy area and just chilled and smoked, and behind us I heard a whistle, and this gorgeous guy asked for a cig, I thought he was just gonna be like “thanks” and leave but he sat down and introduced himself to us and we found out he was a senior in college (6 year difference from me) he stayed with us for a good amount of time and we were just talking, my friend just watched the concert but I went with the guy for a smoke, we were sitting down close together our knees touching, and as he was about to light my cig for me he put the lighter out and took the cig out of my mouth and kissed me. I was stunned, he was amazing his mouth was so warm he bit my lip and sucked on it, we were making out for almost the whole song and we layed down and got more comfortable with each other, our legs intertwined he had his hand on my thigh and he slowly moved his hand through my shorts, and being out in the open I was just about to say something and as he was kissing my neck he whispered, “shhh, just let this happen” it was exhilarating he was fingering me right in the open it was sexy how dangerous it was. we wanted to get closer so we left to go get drinks a bit before intermission. he held my hand and we walked to the food stands where he bought us sodas, we stood by a table with no chairs and he just held me and kissed me. We were standing on the stairs on the way back to the Continue reading

Fucking Husband

The smell of pussy still lingered on my fingers and face, as I stumbled into the house. It was dark and the house was silent, I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Dinner was sitting on the stove for me, cold now. I picked through it, eating loudly and making a bit of a mess. I washed it down with the beer, opened another one, and headed for the bedroom. My wife was sleeping soundly, in her flannel pajamas I’m sure. I went into the bathroom and jumped in the shower, not to wash away the smell of sex all over me, but to sober up just enough not to throw up in my sleep.